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Sarah Palermo is an art historian and curator, has set her sights on art related to the sociological context, photography and the study of surrealism.

She worked in the artistic cultural milieu of Rome and Paris, and published several articles on contemporary art and the history of photography.

Her publications include Unica Zürn. The Gifts of Madness and Laura Albin Guillot. La récherche de la forme for scholarly journals and reviews.

She later worked as a curatorial assistant collection related to European and American contemporary art.

She is actually chief curator and project manager of ChinaMuseum where she coordinates exhibition projects and develops publication materials in conjunction with international exhibitions, preparing, coordinating and monitoring loan forms in accordance with National and International Museums procedures.

She develops, researches, plans and coordinates complex exhibitions, collection projects, programs and events under the direction of principal international curators.

Carefully and thoughtfully she coordinates all aspects of exhibitions and projects. As a field curator she organizes and maintains collection/exhibition archives and various departmental archival systems in Italy, France and China.






I am a designer, with a specialization in museum installations, boasting a rich and esteemed portfolio featuring high-profile exhibitions. My passion and expertise in the realm of museum architecture have afforded me the opportunity to contribute to some of the most captivating displays in the exhibition and museum domain.

At the core of my design philosophy lies the integration of innovative architectural elements coupled with a meticulous approach to artistic presentation. Each project under my purview is meticulously crafted to elevate the showcased artworks, creating an environment that encourages contemplation and a profound understanding of the exhibited pieces.

My collaboration extends closely with curators, artists, and globally recognized cultural institutions, working collaboratively to craft exhibition spaces tailored to the unique requirements of each showcase. Drawing from years of experience and a keen understanding of the latest trends in museum installation, I consistently offer bespoke and innovative solutions.

Every project becomes a personal challenge to push the boundaries of architecture, striving to create environments that not only captivate but also stimulate visitors. My reputation is built on concrete achievements — successful exhibitions that have earned widespread acclaim from both critics and the public alike.

I take pride in my contributions to the creation of museum experiences where architecture seamlessly integrates with art, fostering a stimulating and unforgettable dialogue. My unwavering passion for architecture and commitment to excellence serve as constant guides, ensuring the execution of high-level projects that yield tangible success — exhibitions that resonate strongly with both critics and the wider audience.



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