28 PIAZZA DI PIETRA - Fine Art Gallery | Rome

The Gallery was born in the real heart of Rome, in the Piazza di Pietra n° 28, just in front of famous ancient Temple of Hadrian, not far from Pantheon, with the aim of giving life, in this splendid location, to a new space dedicated to art and culture. The project starts from the premise of creating a meeting place, a production and circulation of ideas, with the intent to promote contemporary art in the multiplicity of expressions that are related to it, with particular attention to figurative painting and Italian and international photography. The Gallery also offers a program of cultural events and thematic workshops aimed at increasing different techniques and artistic expressions.


Imagoars cultural association was born in 2009 thanks to a group of artists and art enthusiasts promoting events into the sphere of Art with the purpose of showing and promoting high-quality artistic expressions, from painting to sculpture, from installations to performances. Its activity is aimed at enlarging the knowledge of Art and spreading it through its different languages. Art is not seen as the pure reproduction of the physical world nor as the devastation of our shared satisfying aesthetic equilibrium. Instead, by proposing a new approach towards it, Imagoars conceives it as a contribution for the growth of human sensitivity in order to create a better quality of life inside a shared common ground, namely a “common-city”, more opened and tolerating towards diversity.


The Luciana Matalon Foundation was established in the year 2000. Inspired by Luciana Matalon, the foundation was created to provide an international space for innovative ideas and to create an opportunity of artistic visual, emotional and mental enrichment. In its headquarters, the foundation hosts historical and contemporary exhibitions of paintings, sculpture and photography. It also organises meetings, conferences and cultural events such as; book fairs, chamber music concerts and theatrical performances.

In recent years, the Luciana Matalon foundation has built relationships with the East, by welcoming exhibition projects from Japan (Tokyo & Yokohama), Korea and China (Hong Kong) by promoting its exhibitions.

The museum area also guarantees a space-time continuity of the work of Luciana Matalon (a multifaceted artist, painter, sculptor & jewelry maker). A complete documents’ archive which dates more than 50 years of Activity in America, Europe and Japan is also available. The museum itself is a work of art – fully designed by the artist, its main characteristic is the flooring which consists of a pictorial intervention which uses resins and optical fibres that welcome the author’s reflections.

CMC - Centro Culturale Milano | Milan

The Centro Culturale di Milano (Cultural Center of Milan) was founded in 1981.

A group of students and young scholars of University of Milan took seriously a desire and a proposal of don Luigi Giussani (who followed the Center’s work till his last years): “to embrace the world, discovering the beauty and the strain of the human experience in its research of the truth and to live through the passion for man originated by the Christian faith, showing to everyone the pertinence of Faith with Life”. At the beginning the Center’s name was “San Carlo” and the location was in Corso Matteotti. The Eighties were marked by the meeting with Giovanni Testori and Augusto del Noce. Straight after important artists, men of science, philosophers, writers from Italy and abroad have compared their experience with such cultural novelty. The beginning was also signed by the stream of dissidents from Soviet Union and Eastern Countries through the association Russia Cristiana and by the close relation with Meeting of Rimini “for the friendship among peoples”.

At the beginning of Nineties – while Milan stopped under the coups of justicialism – the Center changed both the name in “Centro Culturale di Milano (Cultural Center of Milan) and the location too, moving in Zebedia Street, n° 2, an ancient place in the historical center of Milan, near Milan Cathedral, mentioned by Maggi, where – as to the historical literature’s writer Dante Isella – the intellectual circles used to meet at the end of Eighteenth century. The Centro Culturale di Milano enlarges its boundaries: persons, groups from all over the world that recognize one another for their common desire and research of the truth and thanks to internet put themselves in touch passing through Milan. So it begins the study and the attention to life and to Milan restarting; the School of Creative Writing “Flannery O’ Connor” starts off with Luca Doninelli and Giorgio Pontiggia and moreover the Home of Poetry, the systematic meeting with the Jewish world, the prophetic knowledge of Islam and the islamic question, the historicity of the Gospels and of the Christian documents, the exhibitions and the Exercise Books of Photography, the dialogue with the Italian and European laymen, the partnership with Milanese institutions, universities, editing houses, theaters, and together with the Italian Cultural Centers Association the coordination with more than 70 Cultural Centers. So it unwinds the original research and meeting, but always remaining ourselves, between the grown-ups “knowing how to speak” and the young people “knowing how to listen to”. The Center becomes meeting point of personalities becoming after members of the Center and stage for lectures deeply leaving their mark on our time: from Hans von Balthasar, Emmanuel Levinas, Czeslaw Milosz, John Eccles, Andrej Tarkowskij, Chaim Potok, Antony Burgess, Federico Zeri, Mario Luzi to David Grossman, from Alain Finkielkraut, Jean Clair, Joel Meyerowitz, John Polkinghorne, Ugo Amaldi, Carlo Rubbia, John Barrow, Paul Davies, Laurent Lafforgue, Remi Braque, Joseph Weiler, Aharon Appelfed, Samir Khalil, Riccardo Muti to Rami Bahrami and more than 2500 Italian and international authors, writers, lecturers.

The simple and passionate work of young students and professional men and women devoting free part of their time and life, not only but also the cooperation and the network of associations, magazines and institutions (i.e. Euresis, Admira, Medicine and Person, Foundation for Subsidiarity, Trails of Cinema, Theater “Fontana”): this is the pecularity and the strength of the Center’s life.

Rizzuto Art Gallery | Palermo

RizzutoGallery nasce a Palermo nel 2013, da un’idea di Giovanni Rizzuto ed Eva Oliveri. Focalizzata sulle espressioni più contemporanee delle arti visive, la galleria sviluppa progetti che coinvolgono e sostengono artisti la cui ricerca, indipendentemente dai media utilizzati, dimostri predisposizione alla sperimentazione e il cui percorso artistico sia compatibile con i progetti della Galleria, che promuove opportunità di ricerca e di espansione in Italia e all'estero. Nel marzo 2017 la Galleria, dopo tre anni di attività in una zona residenziale della città, si è trasferita nel Centro Storico di Palermo, alla Kalsa, il più antico quartiere della città, in un contesto di grande fascino, in cui splendore e decadenza coesistono, e dove le diverse culture millenarie mostrano la loro magnificenza attraverso una successione di chiese, palazzi e monumenti. La RizzutoGallery si radica così nel territorio cittadino in un momento particolarmente importante e stimolante per la città. A un anno dall’apertura della nuova sede nel centro storico, a marzo 2018 la galleria inaugura i nuovi spazi espositivi, in comunicazione interna con la galleria principale. I nuovi locali, che si aprono su via Merlo, aggiungono alla galleria quasi 100 metri quadrati di superficie di più; un ampliamento dell’area espositiva che permetterà alla RizzutoGallery di portare avanti più agevolmente i tanti progetti in programma, e di pianificarne di nuovi e di diversi, affiancando alle mostre eventi culturali intermedi, in quell’ottica multidisciplinare che è sempre stata uno degli obiettivi della galleria. Una scelta che conferma la volontà della RizzutoGallery di continuare ad investire in questa Città, con una dichiarata fiducia in Palermo e nei suoi Cittadini.

HDLU - Prsten Gallery | Zagreb

The Croatian Association of Visual Artist is non-governmental non-for-profit and politically neutral union of professionals. Its membership consists exclusively of visual artists of all generations, working in all forms of expression and disciplines. HDLU annually organizes or collaborates in organization of approximately 40 exhibitions in four diversely profiled galleries. Exhibition program covers all segments of art presentation and production, ranging from large national and international manifestations to the projects concerning new media pursuing experimentation. The exhibitions are accompanied by lecturing programs, workshops and presentations. In 2018, HDLU celebrated the jubilee, 150 years of its activity. By virtue of its activity, HDLU has had an extremely important influence on the entire Croatian culture and art. 

Prsten Gallery, located at the Croatian Association of Fine Arts, the seat of the largest association of visual artists in Croatia, extends to 740m2, it has a circumference of 117m2 and width of 8.25m. The gallery program is a reflection of the public’s need for quality exhibition content, and the need to valorize the opuses of relevant Croatian and international artists and to present the definitions of historical and contemporary creativity. Prsten Gallery features mainly retrospective exhibitions of artists of the middle or older generation or collective exhibition of a specific curator’s concept. 

Hernandez Art Gallery | Milan

Describe and express the adventure of the birth of Hernandez Art Gallery is not easy, condense into a few words a story that encompasses my life so far ... In cradle the first fragrance that I learned to distinguish was the turpentine of the colors on the palette of my father, so that, whenever I find myself in an artist’s studio, the memories of a special childhood through the streets of the Brera district, resurface. In via San Marco 34, where my father Simón had his studio, I spent among the best years of my life and, undoubtedly, the ones I have marked more and inextricably linked to art. From an early age I learned the differences between the different techniques, especially I remember the fascination that the processing of engraving had on me; in my father’s studio the only area where I hadn’t access to was the one where he guarded the acids and, of course, the prohibition it increased even more attractive! The fortune to have been able to live and experience Brera from childhood, is what gave the path to a life of study and work, always face and dedicated to trying to develop and channel the knowledge transmitted by my parents combining them with personal attitudes organizational and relational; hence my humanities studies with a thesis on the symbolism in contemporary Venezuelan art, an experience in the art gallery, the organization of exhibitions and events in different locations, work as an assistant to the Department of Culture of the Venezuelan Consulate in Milan until the maturity of idea ... creating the Hernandez Art Gallery. A place that could contain not only the accumulated experience but the true essence of my personal culture, the combination of the Italian culture and the Venezuelan Creole, the artistic one from my father and scientific pragmatism from my mother; a moment of encounter between artists from physically faraway places but where they find a home and a commonplace. The Hernandez Art Gallery, located in the premises of the historical and old printing Linati, place full of art since the early seventies in the most highly technological development area of Milan between Gioia and Porta Nuova, has been completely renovated and adapted to mold itself to the different exhibition requirements being divided into two floors completely distinct and dialoguing with each other also in terms of architecture: the large upstairs space has a typical Milanese design, linear and clean and the lower floor which, on the contrary, keeps the historical memory of the Old Milan with its vaults and serizio floor. It was also thought of area equipped for projections and an increasingly active for conferences, meetings and debates that can animate the life of Milan. Great importance, therefore, it was decided to treat the ongoing dialogue with the same township realizing public projects designed in collaboration with the Regional Institutions and the Diplomatic Missions of keeping faith to the Hernandez Art Gallery mission: the intercultural dialogue. From via Copernico 8 comes a new story and a new path ...        Consuelo Hernandez - Art Director

Museo Fondazione Crocetti | Rome

“...Tutto il complesso museale è formato dal Museo, dalla sede della Fondazione, dalla Sala Polifunzionale e dallo studio dello Scultore, che in cinquant’anni di vita trascorsi in operosa solitudine vi ha creato tanti suoi capolavori e vi ha costruito, con le sue mani, pietra su pietra, tutti questi edifici...un Museo dalla forte vitalità, caratterizzato dalla intercambiabilità continua delle opere che lo rendono sempre nuovo ed interessante...Girando per le sale ci sembrerà di imbatterci in personaggi dai volti e dai gesti a noi familiari... figure di donne e danzatrici...e leoni possenti e galli pennazzuti...fragili gazzelle e tanti cavalli, mobili, nervosi rampanti...Dalle figure umane erompono i contenuti universali più elevati: la passione e l’amore, la gioia e il dolore, la contemplazione illuminata e l’esaltazione della vita. Nella infinità possibilità di creazione della fantasia dell’artista...” (on. Antonio Tancredi in: prefazione al “Museo Venanzo Crocetti” della Fondazione Venanzo Crocetti Il Cigno Edizioni Roma 2002). Il “Museo Venanzo Crocetti” accoglie le opere realizzate dallo scultore in un arco temporale di oltre settant’anni di attività creativa. Vi sono esposte novanta sculture in bronzo e una di marmo, due dipinti su tela e quindici tra disegni e tecniche miste su carta, databiti dal 1930 al 1998. Articolato su due piani, il Museo è composto da cinque sale per l’esposizione permanente e da una sala conferenze, anche per mostre temporanee; nell’interrato, allestita dal Maestro, trova spazio una cappella corredata con statue e bassorilievi marmorei e candelabri e un crocifisso, da lui stesso realizzati. Fra le opere, spiccano capolavori come Gazzella ferita e Fanciulla al fiume,entrambe del ’34, Ragazza seduta del ’46, Bozzetto per la porta di San Pietro in Vaticano del ’58, Modella in riposo del ’64, La Maddalena del 1973-76, Modella che riordina i capelli dell’85 e Maternità del ’98.

The Rooster Gallery | Vilnius

Launched by young cultural managers in 2008 with moveable exhibitions and short-term artistic events, the gallery retained its mobility and non-institutional nature even after it acquired the legal status in 2011. The Rooster Gallery does not have a permanent exhibition space and presents artists’ works in ever-new venues, looking for alternative exhibition forms that would emphasise the work of a concrete artist and suggest new means of reading an artwork. The gallery’s exhibitions have brought to light new spaces, lofts and interiors of historical buildings that usually are off-limits to the public. Since the very beginning of its activity The Rooster Gallery has been working to achieve the envisioned goals – presenting the work by young painters, discovering promising artists, representing the hottest trends of contemporary painting and promoting young painting. The experience accumulated in working exclusively with young artists allows the gallery to promote the career of the represented artists since the early stages. The gallery’s dynamic international activity and wide network has contributed to the international recognition of several young Lithuanian painters. The work of the gallery’s artists was represented in major art fairs: Art Dubai, YIA Paris, Art Moscow, Art International Zurich, London’s Global Art Fair, ArtVilnius and others. Painters represented by the gallery participate in the most important events and competitions of Lithuanian contemporary art (many of them are finalists and winners of the Young Painter Prize and participants of biennials and quadrennials) and exhibit their works in prestigious institutions (National Gallery of Art, Contemporary Art Centre). Works by the gallery’s artists are part of the collections of the Modern Art Centre, Akzo Nobel and private collections. http://www.roostergallery.eu/

AlbumArte | Rome

AlbumArte is a non-profit cultural association chaired by Cristina Cobianchi and the Scientific Committee composed of Cristiana Perrella, Adriana Polveroni and Paola Ugolini. AlbumArte is engaged in supporting and promoting contemporary art in Italy and abroad. The association has collaborated with several public institutions such as GNAM - Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (National Gallery of Modern Art), MAXXI | the National Museum of XXI Century Arts, the Netherlands Embassy in Rome, the Italian Institutes of Culture in Istanbul, Ankara and Prague, the Italian Embassy in Turkey, the French Institute of Culture, the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City of Paris, the Cité Internationale des Arts of Paris, the Cultural Heritage Ministry and the Department of Culture of Roma Capitale. In 2011 AlbumArte launched Anteprima, an artist-in-residency, video-screenings and talks programs between Italy and abroad, now arrived at its fifth edition. All AlbumArte’s projects on www.albumarte.org

Fondazione Synergia | Lugano

LUGANO INNOVATION LAB (“LIL”) is based in a prestigious location: the Botta Palace in Via Ciani 16. The structure clearly reflects all the standard of beauty of the master, from the geometric lines to the pure volumes, to the essentiality of the terracotta bricks. In these modular surroundings, Synergia offers to the selected aspiring entrepreneurs a complete range of services and technologically advanced infrastructures, through a mentoring process that goes from the business planning to the launch and the communication of the first results.

Istitute of Contemporary Art | Sofia

The Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia works in collaboration with ARTTODAY Foundation - Plovdiv, the ATA center for contemporary art - Sofia, the British Council, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, Institut Fransais, Interspace Center for Media Art - Sofia, The Sofia Art Gallery-Sofia, The City Art Gallery – Rousse, “August in the Art” Festival – Varna, KulturKontakt - Vienna, Pro Helvetia - The Swiss Art Council, The Red House Center for Culture and Debate - Sofia, Soros Center for Cultural Policies - Sofia, Trust for Mutual Understanding - New York, etc.

The Red House | Sofia

“Voi che entrate qui lasciate ogni cattivo pensiero” The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate organizes and presents socio-political, artistic, cultural as well as socially engaged and educational programs. The organization stimulates the development of independent sector of the contemporary art in Bulgaria, provides training in less known fields and methods in the arts, culture, social activities and practices in Bulgaria, contributes pluralism in the aesthetical and organizational forms in arts and culture in Bulgaria, develops group culture and processes, through presentation of various social topics creates environment for adequate publicity, develops critical thinking and public speaking, stimulates the development of various communities and the dialogue between them, stimulates politically-social debate.

The Chemistry Gallery | Prague

The Chemistry Gallery is a young dynamic creative institution designated for reputable commercial and professional presentation of young contemporary artists from the Czech Republic and from abroad. The aim of The Chemistry Gallery is to contribute to mutual understanding and interaction between the world of contemporary visual art and the general public and thus to stimulate the interest in young contemporary art, new artistic trends, movements and creative conceptions. The philosophy of The Chemistry Gallery is a systematic and long-term support and cooperation with selected young artists. As essential part of its own curatorial activities, The Chemistry Gallery seeks talented artists across artistic genres and media of artistic expression - then, the philosophy is to continuously build up and to develop real artistic collaboration, artist's exhibition programme and professional critical reflection on artist's work.

Factory-Art Gallery | Berlin

Factory-Art gallery was born in Trieste_Italy in December 2006. In October 2009 it moved into a new space in Berlin. The gallery space itself is very interesting, no windows and fully isolated from the outside world, where nothing can distract the visitors. Someone called the space: "A rabbit-warren of connected rooms featuring low ceilings,exposed brick walls and piping, this space is to provide more rustic alternative to the polish of a lot of galleries and a visit here is as much about the setting as the exhibitions themselves" [...] Through the work of the artists and this magical space we try to open the visitors an unprecedented vision to give them the choice whether to return to an always monotonous life or to be available to a spiritual awakening that will lead them to "discover how deep the rabbit hole goes"
. The gallery's mission is to promote the artistic research, to increase the communication between the artist's project, to put them in comparison and to lay the foundation for an extended dialogue. The contemporary art offers us the possibility to see the world with different and unusual eyes and allows us to understand the time that we are live in. Behind the creation of engaged artists by Factor-Art you can often find awkward offspring alternative new art. With its works the Factory-Art gallery hopes to contribute to the cultural growth that countersigns every evolved society.

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