The Rooster Gallery | Vilnius

Launched by young cultural managers in 2008 with moveable exhibitions and short-term artistic events, the gallery retained its mobility and non-institutional nature even after it acquired the legal status in 2011. The Rooster Gallery does not have a permanent exhibition space and presents artists’ works in ever-new venues, looking for alternative exhibition forms that would emphasise the work of a concrete artist and suggest new means of reading an artwork. The gallery’s exhibitions have brought to light new spaces, lofts and interiors of historical buildings that usually are off-limits to the public. Since the very beginning of its activity The Rooster Gallery has been working to achieve the envisioned goals – presenting the work by young painters, discovering promising artists, representing the hottest trends of contemporary painting and promoting young painting. The experience accumulated in working exclusively with young artists allows the gallery to promote the career of the represented artists since the early stages. The gallery’s dynamic international activity and wide network has contributed to the international recognition of several young Lithuanian painters. The work of the gallery’s artists was represented in major art fairs: Art Dubai, YIA Paris, Art Moscow, Art International Zurich, London’s Global Art Fair, ArtVilnius and others. Painters represented by the gallery participate in the most important events and competitions of Lithuanian contemporary art (many of them are finalists and winners of the Young Painter Prize and participants of biennials and quadrennials) and exhibit their works in prestigious institutions (National Gallery of Art, Contemporary Art Centre). Works by the gallery’s artists are part of the collections of the Modern Art Centre, Akzo Nobel and private collections.

AlbumArte | Rome

AlbumArte is a non-profit cultural association chaired by Cristina Cobianchi and the Scientific Committee composed of Cristiana Perrella, Adriana Polveroni and Paola Ugolini. AlbumArte is engaged in supporting and promoting contemporary art in Italy and abroad. The association has collaborated with several public institutions such as GNAM - Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (National Gallery of Modern Art), MAXXI | the National Museum of XXI Century Arts, the Netherlands Embassy in Rome, the Italian Institutes of Culture in Istanbul, Ankara and Prague, the Italian Embassy in Turkey, the French Institute of Culture, the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City of Paris, the Cité Internationale des Arts of Paris, the Cultural Heritage Ministry and the Department of Culture of Roma Capitale. In 2011 AlbumArte launched Anteprima, an artist-in-residency, video-screenings and talks programs between Italy and abroad, now arrived at its fifth edition. All AlbumArte’s projects on

The Red House | Sofia

“Voi che entrate qui lasciate ogni cattivo pensiero” The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate organizes and presents socio-political, artistic, cultural as well as socially engaged and educational programs. The organization stimulates the development of independent sector of the contemporary art in Bulgaria, provides training in less known fields and methods in the arts, culture, social activities and practices in Bulgaria, contributes pluralism in the aesthetical and organizational forms in arts and culture in Bulgaria, develops group culture and processes, through presentation of various social topics creates environment for adequate publicity, develops critical thinking and public speaking, stimulates the development of various communities and the dialogue between them, stimulates politically-social debate.

The Chemistry Gallery | Prague

The Chemistry Gallery is a young dynamic creative institution designated for reputable commercial and professional presentation of young contemporary artists from the Czech Republic and from abroad. The aim of The Chemistry Gallery is to contribute to mutual understanding and interaction between the world of contemporary visual art and the general public and thus to stimulate the interest in young contemporary art, new artistic trends, movements and creative conceptions. The philosophy of The Chemistry Gallery is a systematic and long-term support and cooperation with selected young artists. As essential part of its own curatorial activities, The Chemistry Gallery seeks talented artists across artistic genres and media of artistic expression - then, the philosophy is to continuously build up and to develop real artistic collaboration, artist's exhibition programme and professional critical reflection on artist's work.

Fondazione Synergia | Lugano

LUGANO INNOVATION LAB (“LIL”) is based in a prestigious location: the Botta Palace in Via Ciani 16. The structure clearly reflects all the standard of beauty of the master, from the geometric lines to the pure volumes, to the essentiality of the terracotta bricks. In these modular surroundings, Synergia offers to the selected aspiring entrepreneurs a complete range of services and technologically advanced infrastructures, through a mentoring process that goes from the business planning to the launch and the communication of the first results.

Istitute of Contemporary Art | Sofia

The Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia works in collaboration with ARTTODAY Foundation - Plovdiv, the ATA center for contemporary art - Sofia, the British Council, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, Institut Fransais, Interspace Center for Media Art - Sofia, The Sofia Art Gallery-Sofia, The City Art Gallery – Rousse, “August in the Art” Festival – Varna, KulturKontakt - Vienna, Pro Helvetia - The Swiss Art Council, The Red House Center for Culture and Debate - Sofia, Soros Center for Cultural Policies - Sofia, Trust for Mutual Understanding - New York, etc.

Factory-Art Gallery | Berlin

Factory-Art gallery was born in Trieste_Italy in December 2006. In October 2009 it moved into a new space in Berlin. The gallery space itself is very interesting, no windows and fully isolated from the outside world, where nothing can distract the visitors. Someone called the space: "A rabbit-warren of connected rooms featuring low ceilings,exposed brick walls and piping, this space is to provide more rustic alternative to the polish of a lot of galleries and a visit here is as much about the setting as the exhibitions themselves" [...] Through the work of the artists and this magical space we try to open the visitors an unprecedented vision to give them the choice whether to return to an always monotonous life or to be available to a spiritual awakening that will lead them to "discover how deep the rabbit hole goes"
. The gallery's mission is to promote the artistic research, to increase the communication between the artist's project, to put them in comparison and to lay the foundation for an extended dialogue. The contemporary art offers us the possibility to see the world with different and unusual eyes and allows us to understand the time that we are live in. Behind the creation of engaged artists by Factor-Art you can often find awkward offspring alternative new art. With its works the Factory-Art gallery hopes to contribute to the cultural growth that countersigns every evolved society.

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